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When searching online for above ground pools, Summer Waves is sure to come up. These above ground family pools have a convenient design and come in a variety of styles. The materials used to make the pools are also durable, so you can expect them to last you years.

Summer Waves has plenty of options when it comes to pools. They come in different sizes, allowing you to choose the one that will suit you the best. There are options for large families and even small pools for one or two kids to swim in.

Polygroup is the company that manufactures these pools. They also make plenty of outdoor and water toys that you might be interested in. The brand was founded in 1999, giving them plenty of time to develop their easy setup methods.

The brand has many pool options on the market, so it can be difficult to know which to choose. We are going to break down all of these models below, which will help you out.

Types of Summer Waves Pools

Summer Waves has plenty of different styles of pools. There are differences in the designs that you will want to keep in mind. Plus, different models offer you various benefits and features. If you want something specific from your pool, you need to be confident that you are buying the right one.

The brand makes plenty of pools in different sizes. You will want to check that you are getting the correct size. That way, you know you have the space for it in your yard and that your family can use it.

Summer Waves Quick Set Pools (Inflatable)

15ft x 36in Quick Set Pool

15ft x 36in Quick Set Pool

15ft x 42in Quick Oval Set Pool

16ft x 42in Quick Set Pool

18ft x 48in Quick Set Pool

Quick Set Pools are the Summer Waves line of inflatable pools. You can easily set them up and take them down; they are not going to be a permanent fixture in your yard. This makes them perfect for the summertime or a warm weekend. These pools come in many sizes- you can find everything from small to the size of a regular pool. Quick Set Pools do not use any metal frames, although they can still come with some other accessories.

Many people appreciate that these types of pools are perfect for kids. They are easy to set up, inexpensive, and come with a quiet filter. These models are very durable as they use three layers of PVC construction to hold in the air. They inflate fast; some models only take ten minutes to completely set up.

It is worth noting that the Quick Set Pools tend to have issues holding air over time. They may start to sag a little and need to be refilled. Still, they are the perfect option for swimming on a budget this summer.

Summer Waves Elite Pools

The Summer Waves Frame Pools are some of the brand’s most popular models. They are designed to stay in your yard for months, which is perfect for the hot months. They come with strong, durable frames that safely hold up the pool siding. The frames can last for years, as long as you make sure you put them together correctly.

These pools come in a few different sizes, so you will want to make sure that you are buying the correct one for your yard. These all come with different depths as well. It is important to know that the Elite pools are the largest sizes this brand has to offer.

When you order one of these pools, you will receive a durable frame and PVC layered liner. They do take a long time to set up. But, many customers feel that it is worth it. The large, rectangular pools are perfect for swimming laps.

Most of their models will come with accessories. These could include a pool ladder, ground tarp, filter, or a cover. You will want to check, as some of the smaller pools do not include a ladder. The filter will help to keep your swimming water clean, so you must use it properly. We recommend that you read all the given instructions before using them.

Summer Waves Active Frame Pools

These pools are a bit smaller than the above options. They use uniquely designed frames to support the pool, which simply snaps together. Many models do not need any tools to be put together either.

They come in different sizes as well and you can even find them in different color options. The most common styles that you will see are gray and blue. If you are buying a pool for children, make sure that you check the depths before purchasing. You will want to be certain you are not buying one that is too deep, since the metal frame models come in differing depths.

These options are still perfect for use at home and can last you a very long time. The metal used is tough and can stay outdoors for a while. Many appreciated how simple it was to swap out the frame parts as well, making it easy to repair when needed.

Summer Waves Truck Bed Pools

Summer Waves also makes plenty of unique and fun pools, including a truck bed pool. This model is set up right in the back of a truck. This option is great for parties and kids also love it. There is something really entertaining about getting to swim in a truck bed.

These pools are much more suitable for young kids. They are not deep and provide a unique experience of swimming in a truck. These little pools can also be installed and taken down right away, making them perfect for a hot day.

However, these smaller truck pools are not going to last you as long as a full-sized pool from this company. They are not as durable either. That being said, they can still provide your child with fun, summer memories.

Remember that you need to always supervise your children while they are playing in these pools. Finally, make sure to empty the water when they are done playing.

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