Summer Waves Elite 16ft x 48in Above Ground Pool Set Review 2023

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Summer Waves Elite 16ft x 48in Above Ground Pool Set

16 ft round above ground pool

"Good option for families that are looking for a relaxation pool that isn’t too big and isn’t too challenging to maintain" 

If you’re looking for a good pool that isn’t huge but is more than big enough to accommodate your whole family, the Summer Waves Elite 16ft round above ground pool might be a good option. It’s designed to work well for most properties and is sturdy enough for regular summer use. This Summer Waves 16ft pool review will cover everything you need.

Of course, there are plenty of pools out there, so we’ve taken a close look at this model to review its strengths and weaknesses so you can decide if this is the right pool for you.

Let’s dive in.

Features of the Summer Waves 16ft Round Pool

This above ground pool is a good option if you’re looking for a stable option that’s bigger than an inflatable pool but not so large that it takes up all the space in your backyard.

It’s got a good design overall that’s more than steady enough for most families, though it isn’t a perfect pool.

Let’s look at the details.

Pool Quality

In terms of quality, this is a relatively high-quality pool. Its steel frame is incredibly durable and all-weather resistant. It’s also steady enough to help avoid dancing and movement on the frame.

The triple-layered PVC liner is also a good investment. It’s durable enough that it doesn’t stretch much with use and resists tearing and leaks, so you won’t need to replace the liner for several years with proper care.

Setting Up a 16ft Round Pool

Setting up this Summer Waves Elite pool is relatively simple. You can get the whole pool set up in only a couple of hours as long as the ground underneath has been prepped. The steel frame is easy enough to use that you can set it up by yourself, though someone helping will speed things up quite a bit.

It can take a while to fill this above ground pool, especially if you’re looking to fill it with your garden hose.

Above Ground Pool Filtration

The pool filter is one area where it would have been nice to see an improvement. This model is reasonable for a starter filter, but it won’t cycle the water fast enough to keep truly clean.

You’ll probably want to upgrade the filter to a higher-volume higher-flow filter within a year or so of purchasing this 16 x 48 swimming pool.

Summer Waves 16ft Round Pool Maintenance

Maintenance on this pool is relatively standard. Skim the pool once or twice a week and perform chemical maintenance on a regular schedule. You’ll also need to clean out and replace the filter cartridges every few weeks, though the exact schedule varies from filter to filter.

Be sure to check the liner for signs of leaking or stretching about once a month.

Who Is This Above Ground Pool Right For?

This Summer Waves 16ft pool is a good option for families that are looking for a relaxation pool that isn’t too big and isn’t too challenging to maintain. It’s not a good option for families that are looking for a pool primarily for exercise and swimming laps. 

If you are looking for a larger pool to exercise in, the Summer Waves 24ft x 12ft rectangular above ground pool is a great option – read the review by clicking here.

Pros & Cons of Summer Waves
16ft Round Pool Set

Features We Love

  • Round pools are naturally more stable
  • Easy setup
  • Weather-resistant steel frame
  • Triple-layered liner for added durability


  • Skimmer hole is slightly larger than average
  • Replacement parts can be hard to find

Final Verdict

Overall, this 16 foot round pool is fantastic for families and can even be a good option for summer-loving couples who want to relax and swim at home. 

It’s not perfect, we recommend buying a better filter and you’ll need some accessories like a pool net and chemically set to maintain the pool once it’s set up. However, we find this is the case for many above ground pools on the market. 

Fortunately, this Summer Waves 16ft round pool is easy to set up, easy to maintain and will work for most families for years without needing to replace any of the parts. 

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