How To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool: Tips That Work

How To Keep Frogs Out Of Pool: Tips That Work

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They can be cute when they are not your problem, but knowing how to keep frogs out of a pool can make a huge difference as to how much you get to enjoy your summer.

Any croaking at night can mean they are using your pool as a water supply, even finding dead frogs in pool can be enough to want to do something. We’re going to take a look at what you can do.

Why Having Frogs In a Pool Is Bad?

Get rid of frogs from above ground pool

They may be good for getting rid of insects, but frogs in your pool can be bad for health reasons. Frogs carry bacteria that can be dangerous to humans, and although chlorine should be enough to make this less of a concern, low levels are not going to do enough to protect your family.

Noisy frogs in a pool are one thing, but when they breed, frogs lay thousands of eggs. These can multiply again so you could find yourself having to constantly scoop eggs and dead frogs out of your pool. No one wants to swim in water like that.

Is Having Frogs In the Pool Dangerous?

Because of the bacteria they carry, it can be dangerous to find frogs in your pool.

It can also be a sign that your water is unsafe as frogs tend to like stagnant water and are full of weeds for hiding. If this sounds like your pool, it is time to give it a thorough clean.

Frogs Got In Our Above Ground Pool?

How do frogs get in the pool?

Well, they are attracted to water and need it to maintain the moisture levels in their skin. It is also a source of food as insects are attracted to water.

Their instincts draw them to a nearby source, and this might be why you are wondering how frogs got into your above-ground pool.

5 Clever Ways to Get Rid of Frogs In a Pool

Swimming pool frogs problems

1 - Use An Escape Ramp

Frogs are often looking for a way of getting out. With a ramp, you don’t have to physically get rid of frogs in pool. Purchase a floating pad with a ramp and attach it to the side of the pool.

2 - Robot Cleaner

These are useful for keeping your pool water clean which may deter the frogs in the first place, but the hose can offer a surface from which they can jump for safety.

3 - Keep Pet Food Indoors

Frogs can be attracted to the strong scent of pet food and have even been seen eating from a dog or cat bowl. Remove it at night and it can help get rid of frogs.

4 - Keep Chemical Levels Up

Frogs might be attracted to your pool water because the chlorine and other chemical levels are low. They don’t usually like them, so keep an eye on the levels and top them up if necessary.

5 - Eliminate Their Food Source

Frogs might be visiting your pool because there is an influx of bugs and insects. This can be a sign of dirty water or that the pool light was left on overnight, attracting their food which will attract frogs.

How to Prevent Frogs In the Pool – 4 Methods

Having Frogs in above ground pool

1 - Citric Acid

That’s right, common lemon juice can be enough of a deterrent. Since frogs dislike it, spray it around the pool to keep them away.

2 - Vinegar

Another humane way that doesn’t kill frogs uses the same method. Spraying it around the pool will cause a burning sensation but avoid spraying vinegar on plants.

3 - Run Your Pool Pump At Night

This will move the chemicals around but also keep the water circulating. Frogs like still water, making it easier to catch insects.

4 - Install A Pool Fence

A protective barrier will stop frogs from being able to get into your pool. They may still be attracted to the area if the water is not clean, but attaching a perspex sheet around the bottom of the fence will do the job.

How to Stop Frogs from Laying EGGS In a Pool?

The best way to stop frogs from laying eggs is to make the area a place they do not want to visit.

Keeping the water clean, and leaving pool lights off at night can help make your pool a place they don’t want to lay eggs.

Best Tools for Dealing with Frogs In a Pool

Frog Saving Escape Ramp

A simple float and ramp device to help them hop out of the pool that is easy to set up and effective.

Pool Frog Mineral Purifier

To prevent frogs, you need a clean pool, and this purifier is an excellent solution.

Automatic Robotic Pool Cleaner

Use a reliable robot cleaner to keep pool water in optimal condition, but also provide frogs with a way of jumping out of the pool via the hose.

Pool Skimmer Net

Sometimes the manual way works best. Whether the frogs in your pool are dead or alive, this pool skimmer is sturdy and reliable.


So, now you know how to keep frogs out of a pool, those croaks and noises should be a thing of the past.

With the above tips, you should be able to enjoy a pest-free pool in no time.

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