Summer Waves Elite 20ft Round Pool Review 2020

We will review the Summer Waves Elite 20ft Round Above Ground Pool Set. discussing the features as well as what other customers have said about this oval above ground pool. We will tell you where you can purchase this Summer Waves Elite 20′ above ground pool at the best price.

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The Summer Waves Elite 20 foot Round Above Ground Pool comes with a 1,500 gallon Filter Pump, which means it keeps the pool water clean meaning less maintenance and better overall pool experience.

The above ground swimming pool is 20′ ft. in diameter and constructed of durable metal frames capable of withstanding heavy use and the outdoor elements.

It comes with a SFS350 SkimmerPlus 110/120V filter pump with GFCI, pool cover, ladder, ground cloth, and deluxe maintenance kit, this means the pool set has everything you need to set up and maintain your pool so you spend more time chilling in the water and less time buying accessories and supplies.

Why Choose The Summer Waves Elite 20′ Ft. Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Set

This particular above ground swimming pool is considered one of the best above ground pools of 2020 at with a 4.3 out of 5 star rating. Everyone that has purchased this oval above ground pool is ecstatic about  how simple it is to setup and operate.

This swimming pool can be up and running in 60 minutes, and from what I am able to ascertain the 60 minutes is only the time required to setup the metal frames and pvc tubing, and pump installation. The above ground pool holds 8,400 gallons of water and depending on how you fill this 20′ above ground swimming pool, you are looking at considerable more time before putting on your swim trunks or bathing suit.

When considering purchasing the Summer Waves Elite 20 Foot Frame Pool Set keep in mind the area that you want to setup this above ground pool, so it needs to have clearance on all sides and also mounted on a level surface. A 110/120v electrical outlet is needed to be near so you will be able to plug in the filter pump equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter. 


  • This large 20 foot Round Pool comes with swimming pool, water skimmer, filter pump, pool cover, ladder, ground cloth and maintenance kit.
  • Heavy duty steel frame construction for long life and durability.
  • 5 Star rating by every purchaser


To be honest we didn’t find any cons about this product, since it carries a 100% customer satisfaction rating.


What can we conclude from this Summer Waves 20 foot Above Ground Pool review, well first off this above ground pool is highly rated and highly recommended. The only other considerations are yard area, price, and whether you like an oval above ground pool or a rectangular above ground pool.

This swimming pool is easy to setup and can accommodate a large family and a lot of friends and neighbors. Fill the swimming pool with 8,400 gallons of water after initial setup and you are ready to take the plunge into cool filtered water.

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