Summer Waves Elite 20ft x 48in Above Ground Pool Set Review 2023

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Summer Waves Elite 20ft x 48in Round Above Ground Pool

"Good option for families that want a relatively large and deep pool, but who don’t want to pay the higher prices for a hard-sided pool and aren’t looking to get into a lot of diving or aqua acrobatics." 

Our review of the Summer Waves Elite 20ft x 48inch round above ground pool set focuses on all the little details to see if this pool is a good option for you. We’ll look at the set up and overall quality of the pool, it’s main pros and cons, and make a recommendation about who this pool is best for.

Summer Waves is one of the better-known names when it comes to above ground pools. This is because their swimming pool designs are usually very functional and a little more affordable than some of their competition.

Of course, the brand does not make the pool, so let’s get into our review of the Summer Waves 20ft pool:

Pool Features and Accessories

One of the things we like about this Summer Waves Elite 20 foot Round above ground pool is that it comes with a large number of accessories you need to make the pool more effective and easier to use. In addition to the frame, pool liner, and filter, this pool also comes with a ladder, deluxe maintenance kit, and a ground cloth to help protect the liner.

Put it all together, and about the only other thing you’ll need for this pool are your swimsuits and pool toys!

Summer Waves Elite Pool Quality

When it comes to a soft-sided pool, the quality of the liner and the frame both have to be incredibly high. This results in the Summer Waves Elite pool design to be fairly durable, and the liner and frame work together to help prevent stretching and wobbling. For a soft-sided above ground pool this an important feature.

The above ground pool design is simple, but its corrosion and rust-resistant frame and high-quality liner make this pool a good option.

Setting Up a Summer Waves Elite 20ft Pool

One of the big advantages of a soft-sided pool is that they are incredibly easy to set up, and you’ll likely be able to handle the set up by yourself. The above ground pool frame snaps together easily, and it’s fairly simple to attach the liner and get the pool ready to fill. 

This 20 foot above ground pool can be up and running in around 60 minutes, ready to be filled.

You should clear the land underneath the pool before laying down the ground cloth, but that’s likely to be the only truly challenging part of setup.

Summer Waves 20ft Pool Filtration

Like many soft-sided pools, the Summer Waves 20 ft elite frame pool comes with a filter that’s just a little undersized and underpowered for the size of the pool it comes with. 

However, this pool filter is close enough to the size you need that it works as a temporary filter and pump system until you can get an upgrade.

Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Pool Maintenance

Maintenance on this Summer Waves 20ft pool pool is fairly minimal. You’ll need to replace the filter cartridges regularly, perform chemical maintenance, and skim and vacuum the pool itself to help prevent debris buildup and algae growth.

All of that is standard maintenance, and this Summer Waves above ground pool design is slightly shallower and that makes pool maintenance easier.

Who Is This 20ft Summer Waves Pool Right For?

This summer waves elite 20ft pool is a good option for families that want a relatively large, relatively deep pool, but who don’t want to pay the higher prices for a hard-sided pool and aren’t looking to get into a lot of diving or aqua acrobatics.

Why Choose the Summer Waves 20ft Metal Frame Above Ground Pool Set?

From our research, majority of those who have purchase this pool have mentioned how simple it is to set up and operate.

When considering purchasing the Summer Waves Elite 20 Foot Frame Pool Set keep in mind the area that you want to setup this above ground pool. As this pool requires clearance on all sides and also mounted on a level, solid surface. 

A 110/120v electrical outlet is needed to be near so you will be able to plug in the filter pump equipped with a ground fault circuit interrupter.

Pros and Cons of this 20 foot Round Pool


  • Shallower design makes maintenance easier
  • Still deep enough for adult swimmers as well as relaxation
  • Easy setup
  • Comes with most of your accessories and necessities


  • Filter is slightly small for the pool
  • Liner and frame do shake a little with vigorous swimming in the pool.

Final Verdict of the Summer Waves 20 ft Round Pool Review

Among soft-sided pools, the Summer Waves Elite 20ft pool is one of the better options out there. We have found that this pool is highly rated and recommended. It’s slightly larger than a lot of soft-sided pools, and a little bit firmer and less likely to dance on its frame. 

The design of the Summer Waves 20ft pool is durable, functional, and easy to use. Overall, a big winner for suburban families.

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