Bestway Steel Pro 12 ft Above Ground Pool Review 2023

Bestway Steel Pro 12ft x 30in Above Ground Pool Review 2023

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Bestway Steel Pro 12ft x 30in Round Pool

"Good option for couples and small families that are looking for a pool that will fit in a smaller yard, and who don’t mind sharing a relatively small pool." 

Sometimes a smaller above ground pool is the right option for you and your family. Just because a pool is smaller doesn’t mean that it shouldn’t be high-quality and designed to last.

This review of the Bestway Steel Pro 12ft Round Above Ground Pool will look at whether this pool is a good, high-quality option, it’s overall durability, and the pros and cons of this model as compared to similar pool models. 

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Features and Accessories

Pool Size 

Most smaller above ground pools are a little less feature-rich than larger above ground pools. That means that while the swimming pool itself tends to be cheaper, you’ll have higher costs when it comes to accessories and maintenance tools.

Like other smaller pools, the Bestway Steel Pro 12ft Above Ground Pool pretty much only comes with the pool liner, frame, and filter setup, no ladders, or other accessories. That’s not a huge downside since smaller pools need fewer accessories to function, but it’s worth considering vs other larger pools.

Quality of Bestways 12ft Round Pool

Bestway usually offers pretty good quality for the price of their above ground pool sets, and that company model has paid off. This 12ft round above ground pool isn’t an exception, it offers a great steel frame and a good liner system that are both designed to last for years of regular use.

The pool frame link supports, liner frame support and longer filter lines are all good features that add to the quality of this above ground pool.

Bestway's Pool Set-Up

Set up is relatively simple with this 12 ft above ground pool, thanks in part to the frame link support system we already mentioned. Snapping together the frame is fairly simple, and the small size of this pool means that it isn’t terribly time-consuming.

The liner is designed to attach to the frame relatively easily. All together it should only take an hour or two to get this 12ft Bestway pool ready for water.

Pool Filtration

The filter that comes with Bestway 12ft Pool does suffer from being a little too small for the above ground pool overall, but that’s less of a problem with smaller pools like this one than with larger pools that come paired with an underpowered filter.

This filter works well enough for the pool overall, but we would recommend considering an upgraded filter if you notice that you’re having to vacuum or skim the pool more often over time.

Since the filter is a little on the small side you may also find yourself having to do more maintenance to keep it working, especially as the filter ages.

Pool Maintenance

Maintenance is easier on smaller pools on average. You’ll need fewer chemicals to effectively treat the water and scrubbing the pool liner won’t take as long.

However, the filter may need changing more often than other pools since the filter is slightly underpowered. Overall, Bestway 12 ft pool is relatively light on maintenance, but it may need maintenance more often.

Who Is Bestway 12ft Pool Right For?

This 12ft Steel Pro Max Pool is a good option for couples and small families that are looking for a smaller pool that will fit in a smaller yard, and who don’t mind sharing a relatively small pool. It’s mostly a relaxation pool as opposed to an exercise pool. The round shape does mean it’s easier to fit in most yards than rectangular or even oval options.

Pros & Cons of Bestways 12ft Steel Pro Pool

  • Easy to set up
  • Compact for smaller yards
  • Durable liner and frame design
  • Very stable once set up and filled
  • Not a good size or shape for exercising

Final Verdict on Bestways 12ft Above Ground Pool Set

This 12ft x 30in above ground pool is definitely smaller than most people are considering if you’re looking for an exercise pool or a pool for a large family. 

For smaller families and couples it’s a durable and reasonably affordable option that’s easy to put together and relatively easy to maintain.

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