Intex 12ft x 30in Easy Set Pool Set Review 2023

Intex 12ft x 30 in Easy Set Pool Set
Review 2023

Intex 12ft x 30in Easy Set Pool Set

12 foot inflatable pool

"Good option anywhere with a shorter swimming season, or for families that want to have a pool sometimes but don’t need access to a pool full time." 

Sometimes you don’t need a big permanent pool, but you do want something to help cool off in the middle of the summer heat. The Intex 12ft x 30in Easy Set Pool Set is a great option if you’re looking for a more durable inflatable pool.

Inflatable pools come with the serious advantage of being able to deflate them and store them through the winter. That means more yard space when you aren’t swimming, and plenty of pool fun when you want it.

While this is certainly one of the best inflatable pools out there, that doesn’t mean that it’s the right pool for you.

Keep reading to learn more about the Intex 12ft x 30in inflatable pool, and whether its right for you.

Features of this 12ft Inflatable Pool

Inflatable pools are much easier to install than other pools. All you need to do is rake the area under the pool to make sure there aren’t any sharp rocks or other debris, inflate the pool, and fill with water.

You can even use a simple bike pump to inflate the pool.

These are a good option anywhere with a shorter swimming season, or for families that want to have a pool sometimes but don’t need access to a pool full time.

Above Ground Pool Size 

This 12ft Intex Easy Set Pool is a little smaller and will fit in most reasonable sized backyards. It’s a good choice for suburban homes or even rural families that don’t want a more permanent pool. Though, the 12ft diameter is too large for most townhome and apartment yards.

12 ft is enough space for up to about 10 adults at a time, though the shallower design means that this is better as a soaking pool than a swimming pool.

Kids and young teenagers will be able to comfortably swim at this depth.

Quality of the Intex 12ft Easy Set Pool Set

Inflatable pools aren’t as durable as above-ground metal or resin pools and are much less durable than in-ground pools.

However, when it comes to inflatable pools, Intex has a high standard of quality that leads to more durable pools overall. The thicker liner is less prone to leaks and tears.

Intex does give you a small patch kit because the occasional small hole is inevitable, especially if you use this pool for several years in a row.

Intex Inflatable Pool Set Up & Storage

Set up for this Intex 12ft pool is incredibly simple. Clear the area where you want to place the pool, lay out the ground cover, and then inflate the liner. You can inflate with an air compressor, an air mattress pump, or a regular bike tire pump.

Once the liner is inflated you just fill the pool with water.

Storage is just as simple, all you need to do is drain the water, deflate the liner and give it a day or two to dry. Once the liner is dry, fold or roll it for storage. A storage bag can help to reduce damage when the pool isn’t in use.

Pool Filtration

The small pool filtration system that comes with this pool is adequate, but it’s not the best solution. A more powerful pool is a better option if you want to avoid having to vacuum the bottom of this pool with a pool vacuum.

This filter is good for providing some water movement and minimal filtration.

Pool Maintenance

Maintenance on this pool mostly consists of skimming the water for debris and watching for leaks in the liner. A small included patch kit will help you fix the first few leaks in the pool, and additional patch kits are very affordable.

Pros & Cons of Intex 12ft x 30 in Easy Set Pool Set

Features We Love

  • Highly afforable
  • Incredibly easy to set up
  • Fold/rolls small for easy storage
  • Doesn’t require a filter and chemical treatment are optional


  • Not deep enough for adults to really swim
  • The liner may leak
  • May not reach full depth if the liner isn’t fully inflated
  • Can be difficult to clean the bottom of the pool while it’s full

FAQ: Intex 12ft Pool

Can this pool stand up on its own?

Yes, this Intex inflatable pool is not designed to work with
a pool frame and is completely free-standing.

Does this pool last more than one season?

Everyone’s results are different, but as long as you are
taking good care of your pool and patch any leaks as soon as you notice them,
it should last for several years of regular use. 

Final Verdict

Overall this Intex 12ft pool is one of the best inflatable pool options you can get. It’s durable design and easy setup both make this pool ideal for anyone looking to create a simple pool in their backyard. 

This above ground pool set is also a reasonable option for families with younger children since it’s a little shallower.

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