Bestway Power Steel 24ft x 12ft x 52in Above Ground Pool Set Review 2023

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Bestway 24ft x 12ft x 52in Rectangular Pool Set

24 foot bestway pool

"Fantastic pool for large or athletic families. If you are looking to lots of exercise this may just be the pool for you." 

If you’re looking for a larger pool design that’s a good option for active families that want a lot of  exercise, look no further. This deeper, longer, and wider above ground pool is a great option for lap swimming and relaxing both.  Bestway 56477E Power Steel Rectangular Above Ground Pool Set is one of the best large above ground rectangular pool options.

Designed to fit in a larger yard and offer something a little more like the public pool experience, this pool’s strong frame design is easy to assemble and durable enough to last for years.

Read more to see why we think this is one of the best rectangular pool options on the market:

Features of Bestway Power Steel 24ft Pool

There are a ton of different features and benefits you get from this Bestway pool, but that doesn’t mean that it’s the right pool for everyone.

Before we get too deep into this review it’s important to remember that this is an exceptionally large above ground pool. That means that you need a lot of space set aside. The extra size and weight of this pool also mean that it’s more important to prepare the ground underneath the pool before you install the frame and liner.

Pool Size 

This above ground pool is one of the biggest non-custom above ground pools you can get. 24ft long, this pool is as long as some public pools. At 12 ft wide, the pool is also wide enough for two swimmers to swim laps in the pool at the same time, comfortably.

Depending on the swimmers and their swim style, you may even be able to fit three swimmers side by side swimming laps.

This pool is also significantly deeper than most above ground pools. At 52 inches deep this pool is just 8 inches short of 5ft, making it almost as deep as the deep side of most public pools.

However, while this pool is incredibly comfortable for swimming, it’s not deep enough for jumping or diving safely.

Quality of Bestway Pools

Any time you’re looking at a pool this large the quality of the materials becomes even more important than in smaller pools.

The wider steel frame, made from high-quality and durable tubing, is perfect for getting added stability from the pool. It’s less likely to move, and the strong welding and many braces make it unlikely for the frame to buckle under the stress of frequent swimming.

Rust preventive and UV resistant coatings also help the frame last longer, improving the overall quality of this pool set.

Above Ground Pool Set Up

Set up on this pool is the same as setting up any above ground pool, but you should expect it to take a little longer because of the sheer size of this pool. Setting up the frame gets a lot easier if you have a helper or two that can expedite the whole process.

The liner and pool filters are both relatively easy to set up.

Pool Filtration

Like most pool sets the filter that comes with this pool is just a little under-powered for the size of the pool. But, the included filter will work well enough for a season or two as long as you keep up with your other maintenance.

Pool Maintenance

The main maintenance this pool will need is chemical balancing and making sure the filter is in good working condition. You will also occasionally want to skim the debris out from floating on the pool. You’ll also want to get a pool vacuum to help deal with the sediment and sunken debris at the bottom of the pool.

Pros & Cons of the Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42 in Power Steel Above Ground Set

Features We Love

  • Great for exercise
  • Durable rust resistant frame
  • Pool liner is designed to last years
  • Deeper design is more comfortable for swimming


  • Needs a more powerful filter
  • The frame takes up more space than the pool itself
  • Needs a lot of backyard space

Final Verdict

If you’re looking for an above ground pool to exercise in or want to support your kids’ dreams of being swim-team champions, this might be the right pool for you.

Its larger design and wide steel frame mean that this pool needs a lot of backyard space, but that’s only a limitation if you don’t have a yard quite large enough to fit.

While we would recommend getting a filter upgrade for this pool in the long term, you can wait a season or two before the upgrade becomes urgent.

Overall, this is a fantastic pool for large families or athletic families. It’s no more maintenance-intensive than any other above ground pool, but its size means that you get a lot more utility out of this pool than your average above ground pool.

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