Summer Waves Elite 12 ft x 33 in Above Ground Pool Review 2023

Summer Waves Active 12ft x 33in Round Active Frame Pool Review 2023

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Summer Waves 12ft x 33in Round Above Ground Pool

12 foot round above ground pool

"This 12ft pool is a good option for people who have a smaller yard and are looking for a pool to relax in, but not necessarily to swim in" 

The Summer Waves 12ft x 33in Round Above Ground Pool is perfect if you are looking for a small above ground pool with a solid metal frame.

In todays article, we review the Summer Waves 12ft Active Frame Above Ground Pool Set, taking a closer look at its pool features, quality, maintenance and who this this 12ft pool suits best. 

Pool Features

Like all pools, details are what really matter here. This is a quick review, so we’re going to run through the details pretty quickly, but it’s worth taking some time to look at the specs on the Summer Waves Elite 12ft pool and read other user reviews to get the whole picture.

Summer Waves Active Frame Quality

Overall, this is a relatively high-quality setup. The soft side liner isn’t as durable as metal or resin sides. But it is made from a durable triple-layer polyester that’s UV resistant and works well under the stress of pool water and swimmers.

It’s puncture and stretch resistant, which are the most important features in this kind of pool liner. The fashionable gray wicker outer pattern is a nice bonus as well.

The frame is also high quality, with weather-resistant coatings that help protect against pool chemicals and storms alike.

Above Ground Pool Set Up

Set up on framed pools like this one takes a little longer than with inflatable pools, but not as much longer as you might think. The Summer Waves Active steel frame can easily be set up in as little as an hour with some help, or part of an afternoon by yourself.

Summer Waves boasts that you can set the pool up in minutes, but we find that it does tend to take a little longer than that on average.

Filling this 12ft round pool is another matter. Since this is a roughly 1,600-gallon pool you should plan on at least a few hours of filling time unless you’re purchasing the pool water from a supplier.

Pool Filtration

This is one of the rarer pool setups out there in that it comes with a filter that is adequate for the pool it comes with. The supplied filter in this above ground pool set is small, but so is the pool itself. This filter gives you good water movement and helps to skim the top to reduce overall maintenance. 

It’s a great plus.

Pool Maintenance

Even though this Summer Waves 12ft round pool is relatively small, you’ll still have most of the maintenance tasks of a larger pool, just on a slightly smaller scale.

You’ll still need to chemically treat the pool water, skim the surface from time to time, and vacuum the bottom of the liner for sunken debris. 

It’s also a good idea to check the liner of the pool from time to time to make sure you don’t see any signs of wear and tear, stretching, or slow leaks.

Who Is This Pool Right For?

This pool is a good option for people who have a smaller yard and are looking for a pool to relax in, but not necessarily to swim in. At 33 inches deep this pool isn’t quite 3ft deep and is too shallow for most adults to swim in. 

Kids can practice swimming in this pool, but only when they are relatively young and small.

It’s not a good option for people who are looking for a pool to swim and exercise in, or who want to entertain large groups in the pool. It’s just too small for those activities.

If you are looking for a large above ground pool check out our top picks that we have listed in our article Best Above Ground Pools Buying Guide & Reviews.

Pros & Cons of the Summer Waves Active Frame
12 ft x 33 in Above Ground Pool Set

Features We Love

  • Relatively small profile, great for smaller yards
  • Good filter for the size of the pool
  • High-quality polyester mesh
  • Good size for little kids


  • Not great for exercising
  • Relatively shallow for taller adults

Final Verdict

The Summer Waves Active Frame 12ft round above ground pool set is a great option for younger families and people who are looking for a good pool that’s relatively small and contained. The filter is big enough for the pool, which really isn’t common in pre-made pool sets like this.

Overall, this Summer Waves pool is an affordable and convenient option, but its size can be limiting as much as it is a benefit. It’s all about why you want this pool in the first place.

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