Bestway Steel Pro Max 14 ft Round Above Ground Pool Review 2023

Bestway Steel Pro Max 14ft x 33in Round Above Ground Pool Review 2023

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Bestway Pro Max14ft x 33in Round Pool Set

Bestway Round Swimming Pool

"Perfect for families with smaller yards or people who are looking for a relaxation pool more than an exercise pool" 

This Bestway Steel Pro Max 14ft Round Above Ground Pool review will help you decide if this Bestway pool is a good fit for you and your family and a reasonable replacement for public pools.

We’ll cover the features, quality, and maintenance details so that you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase this 14ft round pool. We’ll even provide some recommendations for the kind of person who will benefit most from this kind of above ground pool!

Features of Bestway 14ft Pool

This model 56597E is a little slim when it comes to additional accessories. You’ll need to purchase a pool ladder if you want one, and you’ll also want a winter cover for the off-season in addition to the items you get in the box.

It may also be a good idea to get a ground cover and a few other pool accessories like a skimmer net and toys. So, while Bestway has put together a very affordable offer with this pool, you’ll end up paying a little more to get the accessories you need to make the pool more functional.

Quality of the Bestway 14ft Round Pool

Bestway’s quality is pretty high on this model, which is a good thing since that will help the pool last longer with regular use.

The pool frame’s coating is specially designed to help prevent UV, corrosion, and water damage. That means that the frame will last a lot longer without rust or other common kinds of damage.

The PVC band that connects the pool liner to the frame also improves stability and helps prevent the liner from sagging or stretching over time.

Overall, Bestway’s 14 foot above ground pool’s good materials and design make it a fairly high-quality option.

14ft Above Ground Pool Set Up

Set up is especially easy with this model thanks to Bestway’s patented Seal & Lock System, which also adds a great deal of stability to the finished frame. The pin-clip design is easy to use and helps prevent the pool from dancing on the frame while in heavy use.

You’ll still probably want an hour or two to set up this above ground pool, that’s more because of its size than any actual difficulty in assembly.

Pool Filtration

The filter on this pool is fairly typical of above ground pool sets, meaning that it isn’t quite strong enough for the size of the actual pool. This system has a 480 gallon per hour flow rate (the pump itself is slightly higher, but the filter slows things down).

That’s not awful, but it means that it will take several hours at a time to truly cycle the water in the pool since this is a 2,700-gallon pool.

Pool Maintenance

Maintenance is pretty standard with this pool except that you’ll need to do everything a little more often until you upgrade the filter and pump system.

You’ll need to skim the top of the water, vacuum the bottom of the pool, scrub the sides, and change the pool filter every few weeks. The exact rate of filter change will depend both on what filter you’re buying and how often the pool is in use, but it averages about once every two weeks during the height of pool season.

You’ll also want to perform weekly chemical maintenance and shock the pool as needed. Learn more about how to keep your above ground pools sparkling by checking out our Pool Maintenance Guide. 

Who Is This Pool Right For?

Bestway’s 14ft round above ground pool is a little smaller than some above ground pools and round. That means that it’s best as a family pool for smaller yards or people who are looking for a relaxation pool more than an exercise pool. It’s great for little kids but may be less interesting to teenagers and adults who are looking to stretch out and really swim.

However, it’s perfect as a social pool for floating, relaxing, and talking with friends and family through a hot summer evening.

Pros & Cons of
Bestway's 14ft x 33in Round Pool

Features We Love

  • Good size for small and medium back yards
  • Great for socializing and relaxing in the water
  • Relatively easy setup
  • Design helps prevent liner sagging and damage
  • Very easy to assemble


  • Filter isn’t quite strong enough for the size of the pool
  • Not a good size and shape for active adult swimmers/exercise

Final Verdict

Bestway’s Steel Pro Max 14ft Round Pool may not be a great option for the professional swimmers of the world, but it’s a great way to relax and cool off during the heat of the summer. 

Your kids will love playing and relaxing in this pool, and you’ll likely find that friends and family enjoy soaking in the pool without the crowds. 

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