Round GALERIA 15'x52" Above Ground Swimming Pool

Round GALERIA 15’x52″ Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

The Galeria Pools is not currently available. Click Here to read our review on the 15in Intex Metal Frame Pool

The Round Galeria 15in x 52″ Above Ground Swimming Pool is another model in the Wilbar above ground pools showcase. The Galeria Above Ground Pool frame is constructed of a resin coating that helps protect the steel from the elements and help this pool to last for years to come!

Liner Information

The traditional Solid Blue pool liner offers a clean and simple look to your pool, leaving your pool water as the main attraction.

Overlap liners are designed to fold over the top of your pool wall and do not require a bead receiver. Overlap liners are held in place with coping. Made from 100% virgin vinyl construction.


  • Solid blue overlap 20 gauge liner
  • Widemouth Skimmer

Pool Information

  • Pool Size: 15’
  • Pool Shape: Round
  • Wall Height: 52″
  • Pool Style: Galeria
  • Protection: Resin
  • Top Ledge: 7″ Resin
  • Uprights: 5 1/2″ Steel
  • Limited Warranty: 20 Years