Round Galeria 15’x52″ Above Ground Swimming Pool Review 2021

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Lake Effect Galeria 15ft Round Above Ground Pool

"It is an excellent option for families looking for more of a relaxation pool but wants something with a more permanent and durable design than a soft-sided liner." 

This above ground pool is a bit different in that it’s a slightly smaller solid-sided pool, but that makes this a great pool for smaller outdoor spaces. In our review of the Round Galeria 15’x52″ above ground swimming pool, we’ll look at the details of this pool from its frame design to filtration. We’ll also make recommendations about the kind of person or family this Galeria above ground pool is right for, as well as the biggest pros and cons of the design.

That way you can make an informed decision long before you buy.

Let’s dive in.

Galeria Pool Features and Accessories

One of the biggest and most important features of this Galeria above ground pool is the resin-coated, hard-sided steel frame. Unlike many above ground pools, which use a frame and liner to create a soft-sided pool, this design is a little bit stronger and more stable.

This 15 x 52 pool is also a little more complete than some thanks to the inclusion of your first liner for the pool, as well as frame and liner covers and a wide-mouthed skimmer to help catch more of the debris without the work of skimming by hand.

Galeria Pool Quality

Resin is one of the strongest materials you can use for an above ground pool, so the fact that this uses a resin frame is one of the strongest details about this pool.

The liner is also an impressively durable option, between the two this pool is high-quality and highly durable.

Pool Set-Up

Despite being a little smaller than many hard-sided pools, it’s still important to get professional installation with this pool just because of how many pieces need to be precisely assembled.

It’s also important to make sure you’ve prepared the ground underneath the pool so that it will have a stable area to sit and won’t move or warp over time.

All that means that this pool is a little more set up intensive than some alternatives.

Pool Filtration

While this Galeria above ground pool comes with a good skimmer system, it doesn’t come with the full filter system you’ll need to really maintain the water properly.

That’s not a huge downside since it reduces the cost of this pool somewhat and lets you choose your own filter, but it does mean that you’ll need at least one more accessory before this pool is usable.

Pool Maintenance

Maintenance on this pool isn’t a huge issue, the smaller size helps minimize the amount of work you need to do to keep it clean. That said, a well set up liner will make vacuuming and other pool chores much easier over time.

The lack of a pool filter does mean that you may have extra maintenance until you have a good filter for the design.

Who Is This Galeria Pool Right For?

This 15 x 52 pool is a great option for families that are looking for more of a relaxation pool, but that want something with a more permanent and durable design than a soft-sided liner.

Pros and Cons


  • Included liner is durable
  • Small enough to be easy to fit into most spaces
  • Frame covers help make the pool safer and last longer
  • Resin walls are incredibly durable


  • No filter included with this system

Final Verdict

While this Galeria above ground pool isn’t 100% complete after set up, it’s still a great option and may even be a better option for pool enthusiasts with some existing equipment or who would rather work with a specific filter than an in-box option.

Overall, this is a good pool, though a couple more included accessories and features would have made it even better.

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