Cornelius Pool Phoenix 24 ft x 52 in Above Ground Pool Review 2023

Cornelius Phoenix 24ft x 52in Above Ground Pool Review 2023

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Cornelius Phoenix 24ft x 52in Above Ground Swimming Pool
24 ft round pool

"Fantastic option for families that are looking for more of a permanent pool design but don’t want to excavate an in-ground pool, or who can’t for HOA, landscape, or budgeting reasons." 

The Cornelius Phoenix is a little different from other above ground pools in its solid design that looks and feels a little more like an in-ground pool. 

We’re reviewing the Cornelius Phoenix 24’x52” above ground pool set to see if it’s a good option for above ground pool lovers who are looking for a pool that’s ready to install in their back (or front) yard.

This Cornelius Phoenix above ground pool set includes a swimming pool kit. This means that this 24ft above ground pool comes with a pool ladder, sand filter pump, as well as a pool skimmer. In addition, this above ground pool set includes a 24′ swimming pool liner.

Pool Features and Accessories

One thing we really want to highlight with this Cornelius Phoenix 24 foot above ground pool is that it’s a little different from the standard pool liner and frame above ground pool design. 

Instead of having soft walls and a liner serving as the primary pool, the Cornelius Phoenix has a hard-sided frame that’s designed to be a little more durable and permanent, though you’ll still likely want a good liner on the inside.

The included swimming pool ladder fits most above ground pools 48″ to 52″ in depth and has a child safety feature built in to prevent a small child from getting trapped under water between the legs of the ladder.

The Cornelius Pools Phoenix 24 x 52 Above Ground Pool set as mentioned also comes with a thru-wall above ground pool skimmer complete with return fitting and a vacuum plate. This make it easy to help maintain the pool for consistent clean clear water.


This Cornelius Phoenix 24′ x 52 pool is one of the more expensive premium designs available for an above ground pool, but the price is largely explained by the high-quality design and components. 

The above ground pool itself is made from rust and corrosion-resistant galvanized walls that are lightly textured, but otherwise have minimal decoration.

The included above ground pool set accessories and other details of this pool (which we’ll talk about in more detail in each section) consistently impress. This is one of the more complete large pool sets available right now.

Cornelius Phoenix Pool Set-Up

The sheer size of the Phoenix 24ft Round Above Ground Pool means that you’ll likely want some assistance to get it set up. A professional installation, including preparing the ground underneath the pool, assembling and lining the frame, and filling the pool with water, is probably the easiest and most effective way to get this pool ready for swimming.

Like most large pools, it’s important to let the filled pool rest for a couple of days before swimming or exercising in the pool.

Cornelius Phoenix Pool Filtration

The large sand filter that comes with this pool is a good filter for the size of the pool. Sand filters do a good job of removing impurities and helping maintain the balance of the pool and need much more minimal maintenance than other kinds of filters.

Overall, this is a good filter system that won’t take much work in upkeep.

Pool Maintenance

The size of this 24 ft above ground pool naturally means that it will have a little more maintenance both from chemical upkeep of the water and skimming and vacuuming.

 It won’t need maintenance any more often than a smaller pool, but you will need to plan a little more time for that maintenance unless you buy a lot of automated tools to do the work for you.

Who Is This Pool Right For?

This 24ft above ground pool is a fantastic option for families that are looking for more of a permanent pool design but don’t want to excavate an in-ground pool, or who can’t for HOA, landscape, or budgeting reasons. 

It’s a more premium design, which means a higher price tag, but you can also expect this pool to last longer.

Pros and Cons


  • Incredibly durable with rust resistant galvanized walls
  • Large enough for relaxing and exercise
  • Resists leaking and other kinds of damage
  • Doesn’t wobble or move on the frame like frame and liner pools
  • Precise fit and stylish design to enhance your backyard


  • Professional install is important
  • Needs a little more prep-work before installation

Final Verdict on the 24ft Round Cornelius Phoenix Pool

For families that are looking for an absolutely fantastic pool that’s permanent, durable, and doesn’t need any excavation, this is a great design. The higher upfront cost of this pool is balanced by it’s lower maintenance and accessory replacement costs over time.

This swimming pool is great for small or large families as it is large enough to accommodate a lot of people in the pool at the same time. Family, friends and neighbors will love to come over and enjoy this beautiful swimming pool built with quality for long life.

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