Above Ground Pool Accessories

When you own or contemplating owning an above ground swimming pool, accessories become a great part of ownership. Below I will list some of the more popular above ground pool accessories for you convenience.

Above Ground Pool Vacuum

Pool Blaster Water Tech Catfish Li Pool & Spa Cleaner

Water Tech Pool Blaster CatfishThis hand held pool vacuum is the #1 Best Seller on Amazon for above ground pool vacuums and is a lithium battery operated unit capable of up to 45 minutes of continuous activity from a single charge. It is capable of cleaning 33 gallons per minute, completely independent from main filter systems.

This above ground pool vacuum is lightweight and easy to use. It has the capability of being attached to a telescopic pole (not included) for reaching down into deep areas, and it can clean all types of areas without messy hoses or additional pumps.     read more…


ZENY Above Ground Pool Suction Vacuum Cleaner w/Hose 33FT

Zeny Automatic Above Ground Pool VacuumThe Zeny above ground pool vacuum is a 2nd generation automatic vacuum that will clean your pool from top to bottom automatically and effortlessly. The automatic function will vacuum pools regardless of size, shape, or construction.  ZENY pool vacuum can efficiently remove dirt, leaves, debris, bugs, pebbles and short twigs.

 The vacuum attaches to your existing filtration system without any tools needed and install in minutes easily cleaning dirt, sand, debris, bugs and twigs in your pool to keep it sparkling clean. The vacuum requires a swimming pool pump with at least 1/2 Hp and 375w to perform properly.     read more…


Above Ground Pool Ladder:

Splash Pools 36-Inch Galvanized Steel Pool Ladder

Splash Pools 36-Inch Galvanized Steel Pool LadderThis Heritage Splash Pools ladder is manufactured with a strong galvanized steel frame with resin steps designed to fit pools with depths up to 36 in. Let it be known that this above ground pool ladder is rated a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.com.

This ladder provides easy in and out access, it is light weight and easy to remove when the pool is not in use. The steps are made from Injection molded resin and the frame is constructed with strong lock seam galvanized steel tubing.  The ladder comes with step by step instructions making it easy to assemble.    read more…


Intex 48″ Pool Ladder

Intex 48This above ground pool ladder is for swimming pools that are 4 feet ot 48 inches in depth unlike the Splash Pools 3 feet or 36 inch listed above. This ladder is constructed for durability made of high impact slip-resistant steps with a solid platform.

Using this ladder makes it easy to enter and exit your above ground pool and has coated corrosion resistant steel frame for added longevity and can hold individuals up to 300 pounds.       read more…


Intex Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder for 52″ Wall Height Pools

Intex Steel Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Ladder for 52Easily enter and exit your 52-inch wall above ground pool with this ladder designed for swimming pools 4 feet 4 inches in depth. This ladder is constructed utilizing double sided steps manufactured using corrosion resistant steel frame for long life.

When it comes to getting in and out of your above ground swimming pool, safety and convenience are your number one priorities, which is why Intex created the Above Ground Pool Ladderwith high-impact, slip resistant plastic steps.      read more...


Above Ground Pool Pump

Intex Filter Cartridge Pump

Intex Filter Cartridge PumpThis Intex 1,000 GPH Filter Cartridge Pump keeps your water fresh and clean throughout the summer heat season. This pump is specifically designed for above ground pools and boast a system flow rate of 750 gallons per hour, and will circulate and filter the water in your above ground swimming pool.

This pump is a must have for any above ground pool up to 15 feet in diameter and is listed as the #1 Best Seller in the Pool Filter Cartridges category. Easy to use – simply replace the old cartridge with a new one every two weeks.      read more…


Intex 28633EG Krystal Clear Cartridge Filter Pump

Intex 2,500 GPH Filter Cartridge PumpKeep your pool water Krystal Clear and refreshing this summer with the Intex 2,500 GPH Filter Cartridge Pump. Specifically designed for above ground pools. Easy installation – just attach hoses and plug in (partial assembly required). Double insulated pump. Auto timer with preset 2 to 12 hour cycles.

Air Release valve for air trapped inside filter chamber. Sediment flush valve. Includes one easy to clean, replaceable filter cartridge. One Hydro Aeration Technology inlet fitting included.       read more…


Above Ground Pool Skimmer

Hayward SP1091WM Dyna-Skim Above-Ground Pool Skimmer

Hayward SP1091WM Dyna-Skim Above-Ground Pool SkimmerThe Hayward Dyna-Skim above ground pool skimmer is constructed of heavy duty ABS UV resistant material for longevity and durability. The wide mouth feature allows for large debris to  trapped in the large collection basket that allow access from the top and front.

This pool skimmer is compatible with most wide top seat pools and according to the manufacturer the Dyna-Skim skimmers have been redesigned to match the needs of today’s above ground pools, while remaining applicable for use on existing pool models.   read more…


ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer Rake

ProTuff Pool Net Leaf Skimmer RakeThis skimmer is the best of the best when it comes to removing large amounts of debris from your above ground swimming poolStiff netting holds it’s shape.  Quickly skim tons of leaves, insects & particulate from the pool surface without needing to empty.  Also, no more “pool net pass through” means no more wasted time re-bagging “lost” debris.

Typical curved side pool rakes won’t scrape debris from the pool-side very well because they have minimal surface area contact with the pool sides. Our straight (but angled) sides ride flush against the pool-side at just the right angle to easily remove stuck on leaves with very little effort on your part and will not mar pool surfaces.        read more…


Above Ground Pool Steps

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base Steps

Confer Above Ground Swimming Pool Curve Base StepsThis super strong above ground step is constructed of molded chemical resistant resin capable of holding up to 400 pounds. The step comes with adjustable base pads and 24 inch oversized deck mounting brackets.

The steps were manufactured in such a manner as to be able to fill the steps sides with sand or pea gravel for added stability and safety. The steps can be curved inwards or outwards during installation and it easily snaps together without any tools.      read more…


Above Ground Swimming Pool Step to Deck

 Above Ground Swimming Pool Step to DeckSome home owners build decks surrounding their above ground pools so this step was created to assist anyone entering or leaving the swimming pool safely via these steps. This rugged step is made from maintenance free polyethylene and it will fit any above-ground pool up to 54” in depth.

According to the manufacturer the unit is easy to assemble and can accommodate up to a 350-lb. swimmer. The step is perforated to allow water and chemical circulation and eliminate a dead water area where algae can grow.     read more…


Above Ground Pool Light

Intex Floating LED Pool Light, Solar Powered with Auto-On at Night

ntex Floating LED Pool Light, Solar Powered with Auto-On at NightRated the #1 Best Seller is the Intex floating LED pool light that is solar powered with automatic on and off, turns on at twilight and shuts off at dawn. The light comes with 2 modes of lighting, one is white light and the other is color mode.    read more…



Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG Pools

Smartpool NL35 NiteLighter Underwater Light for AG PoolsEasy Installation – No Drilling of Pool. One Light is sufficient enough to illuminate most pools. It will not interfere with water return. Chemical-Resistant lens, long-life halogen technology. Extra long cord (Including Transformer and Plug) tested to UL standards and certified by ETL. 12 Volt outdoor pool transformer.

The NL35 is an affordable way to get much more from your above ground pool with nighttime exercise, family fun, and pool parties.      read more…