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You need more than just the pool liner and frame to have a good above ground pool in your backyard. These additional above ground pool accessories will help to keep your pool cleaner and easier to use, while also making swimming a lot more fun for you, your family, and your friends.

This above ground pool accessory guide goes over what each item is and what they do. We’ve also included a couple of recommended swimming pool accessories with a review so that you know what to look for when it comes time to get your accessories.

You don’t necessarily need all of these accessories right away, so you can grab the accessories you need most right away and get some upgrades later.

Let’s get started.

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Above Ground Pool Cleaners

Pool cleaners are some of the most important accessories you can get for your above ground pool. They help maintain the water quality and keep your pool safer for you and your family. They also help keep the water crystal clear and maintain better PH and chemical balance.

How do cleaners do all of that?

They help prevent bacterial contamination and waste from building up in your pool water over time.

Some cleaners are manual and take a little more of your time and effort to keep the pool clean. Or you can spend a little more on an automatic pool cleaner to save some time and effort.

No matter what kind of pool cleaner you get, you’ll need to have one if you want to properly maintain your pool.

Robot Cleaners

Robot cleaners are automated and will clean your whole pool with very little intervention from you. Depending on the setup, you may need to empty the canister for debris from your pool and you might also need to take the cleaner to it’s charging station depending on how it’s set up. 

The Dolphin Nautilus is one of the best robot pool cleaners out there. It’s designed to be able to manage the scum and debris of a backyard pool up to 50ft wide, more than big enough to handle a standard above ground pool.

Its pathing won’t necessarily make sense to you, since it’s rather random, but this robot pool vacuum will take care of your whole swimming pool given enough time.

Its also a relatively efficient system for cleaning, generally managing to clean the whole pool within a couple of hours of starting. Click here to check price. 

Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are a more manual system for cleaning the bottom of your pool. They’re just as effective as robot cleaners, but they need a person steering them. Some pool vacuums will need you to get in the pool with them, while other pool vacuums can be operated from outside of the pool.

This vacuum is a small but convenient option with an effective net catch system that pulls out debris without capturing any of the water from your pool. That cuts down on the need to refill your above ground pool regularly, while still taking care of the sticks, stones, and other debris that fall to the bottom of your pool. 

This system is reasonably durable and moves the water quickly enough to be efficient. However, it doesn’t come with its own garden hose, so you will need a functional garden hose to use this vacuum system. Click here to check price. 

Learn more about the different types of above ground pool vacuums and how they work in our in-depth buying guide “Best Above Ground Pool Pool Vacuum Cleaners.”

Above Ground Pool Filter & Pump Systems

Another critical accessory for your above ground pool is a filter and pump system. It’s better to get a bigger filter and pump system than you need than to get a filter that is slightly smaller than your pool’s requirements.

The pool filter and pump system help to keep your swimming pool more balanced and easier to maintain. They help control the levels of bacteria and chemicals, as well as removing some of the smaller debris in your pool before it can settle at the bottom of the pool.

Intex is one of the best brands when it comes to a lot of pool accessories and equipment, and this sand filter is no exception. The filter has an impressive flow rate, and sand is a reasonably low maintenance filter material for your pool to use.

Of course, this filter isn’t necessarily a good match for everyone. You need to make sure you match your filter to the size and needs of your pool, but Intex is a good brand to go with. Click here to check price. 

Above Ground Pool Skimmers

Pool skimmers are a great option for keeping the surface of your pool cleaner. These tools take care of the floating debris and do need to be emptied occasionally, but otherwise, make pool maintenance a lot easier.

This solar-powered pool skimmer makes it easier to keep the surface of your pool cleaner without a ton of effort. It’s a fast-acting skimmer that does a good job of maintaining the surface. It also features a chemical dispenser tool that will help to keep your pool cleaner and healthier without having to manually the balance of the pools.  Click here to check price.

Above Ground Pool Heaters

Heating your pool can extend the functional season for your pool, making it more comfortable in the spring and fall. Depending on where you live you might even be able to use your pool all year round!

There are electric heaters that can up your utility bill significantly, but that maintains a much more constant temperature for your pool than other options.

However, solar heating and other heating options can often be cheaper, if a little less consistent in their results.

Interested in learning more about the different types of pool heaters. Check out our in-depth buying guide 10 Best Above Ground Pool Heaters.

This solar heater is a good option for wrapping around your pool, especially if you haven’t built a deck to surround your above ground pool. It’s a universal heater, which means it works for almost any pool design or shape. Its 20-feet length is good for a smaller pool, and you can get a second pool heater for larger pool designs.

Its patented design helps to make the most of the sun’s heating potential, though it’s still most effective if you live in a sunnier area and if your backyard gets a lot of direct sunlight throughout the day. Click here to check price.

Above Ground Pool Liners

Pool liners might be the most common accessory you’ll need for your pool. Most above ground pools come with their own liner since that’s what holds the water in place, but a second liner above the first, or a more durable replacement linter can both extend the life of your pool.

This durable vinyl liner has the advantage of being a little stronger than a lot of alternatives, as well as slightly lower maintenance since it won’t need brushing or vacuuming quite as often. It also effectively doubles the durability of your liner since you can place this one over the liner your pool came with.

It’s also a gorgeous design that will make your above ground pool feel a little more like you’re swimming next to the Great Barrier Reef. Click here to check price.

Above Ground Pool Fencing

Fencing for your above ground pool is an important, but not a strictly necessary accessory. Good pool fencing can help to lower your insurance costs for your pool because a good fence reduces the risk to your neighbors and local wildlife.

A fence should be sturdy enough that you can grab it to steady yourself. Of course, the sturdiness of your pool fence also depends on the sturdiness of your pool frame or the deck surrounding your pool.

This fencing kit is a great option if you’re looking to create a custom fence for pools of any size. You might need several kits for a larger pool, or only 1-2 if you have a small to medium above ground pool.

The white, hardened vinyl is virtually maintenance-free and is an attractive addition to most pools.

You also get instructions, and all the hardware you need to install this kit. Click here to check price.

Above Ground Pool Lights

Pool lights are a must-have if you want to swim in your pool at night, but they are an accessory that can wait if you’d rather spread out the costs of getting your pool up and running.

Pool lights can also occasionally lower your insurance costs, though it depends on your policy and insurance provider.

For an above ground pool, you want to look for suction or magnetic lights. That way you have two different attachment options, one that works for hard-sided pools and one that works for soft-sided above ground pools.

This set of submersible pool lights is a great option not only because they light the bottom of your pool well, but also because they are durable, long-lasting, and low-energy. The LED lights provide clear lighting and are reasonably bright. They won’t need battery replacement very often thanks to the low energy draw from the lights themselves.

Better yet, these lights can also be highly decorative since you can use the included remote to change the color of each light, or all of them together. 

Above Ground Pool Covers

Pool covers are another critical maintenance accessory, though you won’t necessarily need to buy one right away. You can generally wait until you’re ready to close your pool down for the winter before you absolutely need a pool cover.

Still, a good pool cover for overnight use can make your life easier. They can help lower insurance costs for your pool by preventing animals from falling in and reducing liability for human accidents as well.

It’s important to get a pool cover that fits your above ground pool well. So while we’ve picked two of the better options, it’s more important to get a cover designed for your pool than to get these exact covers. Buying a similar product or from a similar brand can help make sure you get a good cover.

Winter Covers

Winter covers are designed to keep all that winter debris and snow out of your pool. They are also firm enough that they can give a little more stability to your pool frame if you don’t have a hard-sided above ground pool.

This pool cover is a durable loose-fitting option that gives you a lot of different color and size options. It’s designed for round pools but will fit almost any above ground round pool and keep it safe through the winter.

The heavy-duty polyethylene cover is durable enough to hold up to almost any snow weather, and its looseness will let the pool underneath expand and freeze as needed, even if it’s been snowed on already. 

Solar Covers

Solar covers aren’t the same as winter covers, they are designed to protect your pool, and also to help it heat up in the sun when it isn’t in use. They can help cut down on heating costs, and also extend the functional season of your pool.

Another Intex product, this high-quality solar pool cover helps increase the heat of your pool water slightly while also adding a little more protection from airborne debris. It’s also designed to help reduce evaporation, which means that you won’t have to pay to refill your pool nearly as often. Click here to check price.

Other Pool Accessories

Of course, we haven’t been able to cover all of the pool accessories that you can get for your above ground pool. Here are a few more functional and fun accessories that will help you make the most of your above ground pool. 

This plastic pool step is great for getting in and out of your pool and is a good upgrade for the ladder that might have come with your pool. The main problem is that it only comes in one height. It works for getting onto your deck as well.

It’s not a complete kit though, you’ll also need to pick up about 40lbs of sand from your local hardware store to install the step properly. 

A safety vest is a great addition to your pool kit, just in case you invite anyone over who isn’t comfortable swimming. It can also be used as a rescue item if there is an accident. 

While most above ground pools aren’t tall enough that an average adult can’t stand up, you might be surprised how common pool accidents are when someone gets stunned or otherwise can’t stand normally. Check price here.

Especially if you have a deep above ground pool and little kids, you should consider getting a couple of these vests for child-safety. 

Keeping them near your pool will help you remember to use them for your kids. You should also have a couple of extras for guests, that way everyone can enjoy your pool safely.

We also wanted to include at least one accessory that was just for fun. These inflatable hammocks are a great pool solution because they let you float effortlessly in the pool, without taking you completely out of the water.

 Unlike other inflatable pool beds, you’ll be able to enjoy the coolness of the water on your skin while floating.

Above Ground Pool Accessories Wrap Up

You might not need all of these above ground pool accessories, but every accessory adds something to your pool experience. Make sure you think carefully about which accessories are most important and which pool accessories can wait until later.

More importantly, think about the accessories you need to use your pool safely. A swimming pool should be a relaxing and fun addition to your home, not an accident waiting to happen.

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