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Intex is one of the most common brands you’ll see when it comes to outdoor family pools. They offer a wide range of above ground swimming pools in many different sizes and shapes. The company has been around for more than 50 years now. They made their first above ground pools in 1997, which means they have more than 20 years of experience informing their pool designs and pool material selection.

The Intex brand offers a wide range of different kinds of pools, but they also hold to high-quality standards. You can expect durable liners and solid frames from Intex above ground pools. This above ground pool company uses rigorous testing and quality assurance standards to make sure every pool they sell meets their high-quality standards and will work for their customers.

More recently, Intex has also made a commitment to lowering their carbon footprint and producing pools in a more environmentally friendly way. That commitment started about 10 years ago and continues today.

Types of Intex Pools

Intex’s range of different pools come in several different categories. While there are some design differences between different models each category has specific features and design elements that help them stand out.

It’s also important to note that almost all Intex pools come in multiple sizes, so you should always check to make sure you’re ordering both the model and the size you’re looking for.

Intex Easy Set Pools

13ft x 33in Easy Set Pool Set

15ft x 42in Easy Set Pool Set

18ft x 48in Easy Set Pool Set

Easy Set Pools are Intex’s line of inflatable pools that are designed to set up for swimming seasons (or even just a few days or weeks) but aren’t meant to be a permanent addition to your yard. These Intex inflatable pools come in a range of sizes from relatively small to almost as big as a hard-sided pool. They don’t have a frame, and only some of these pools will come with a filtration or skimming system. Be sure to check the listing prior to purchase to see what is included.

The liner on these Intex Easy Set Pools is also relatively durable, and it has to be! After all, these above ground pools don’t have a frame or other protective features that help the liner stand up to use. However, the biggest problem with these pools is that they don’t have a frame, which means that they can move and slosh water quite a bit. All that movement is also hard on the liner, which can mean more holes and rips in your liner over time.

The liner can also stretch over time, which usually means that the pool gets gradually shallower and wider over time. Still, between the high-quality patch kits and good instructions for filling and caring for your pools, Intex’s Easy Set pools tend to be more durable than most. 

Intex Ultra Frame Pools

18ft x 9ft x 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

Model No: 26351Q

22ft x 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

Model No: 26341W

24ft x 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set

Model No: 26339EH

16ft x 48in Ultra XTR
Frame Pool Set

18ft x 9ft x 52in Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set

20ft x 48in Ultra XTR
Frame Pool Set

This range of Intex Ultra Frame above ground pools are some of the most popular options for semi-permanent additions to your yard. The heavy-duty frames allow these pools to get a little bit bigger, and they’re durable enough to last for years when they are properly installed.

These Intex metal frame pools also come in two different shapes, round and rectangular. Round above ground pools are great if you’re looking for a larger and more durable pool for relaxing in and casual swimming. Rectangular above ground pools are a great option if you’re looking for a pool to add to your workout regimen or to be able to train for swim team or diving at home.

When you get one of these Intex Ultra frame or Ultra XRT frame pools, you’ll get a high-quality reinforced liner along with a durable frame that’s relatively easy to put together. You’ll also get a high-quality filter system and may get some accessories like a ladder or skimming net depending on which model you purchase.

Many of these Intex above ground pool sets come with a ground tarp and a sand filter pump, both of which help your swimming pool last significantly longer, check the specific product descriptions prior to purchasing.

Intex Metal Frame Pools

10ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

12ft x 30in Metal Frame Pool Set

15ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool Set

18ft x 48in Metal Frame Pool Set

Metal frame pools are basically one step down from the Ultra XRT pools and have the classic blue outside.

Intex’s metal frame pools come in a relatively wide range of sizes, and two different depths. Both depths are family-friendly, but the deeper pools are definitely better for swimmers, while the shallower design of these pools is a little better for relaxing or for swimming with small children.

While these Intex above ground pools are a little smaller and less heavy-duty than the Ultra XRT Frame Pools, they’re still designed to be incredibly durable and to last for several years. You can also easily replace frame sections if needed, or, more commonly the liner. These Intex swimming pools are also carefully designed to be easy to put together so that you don’t have to spend a ton of time working before your pool is ready to fill.

Intex Prism Frame Pools

10ft x 30in Prism Frame Pool Set

12ft x 30in Prism Frame Pool Set

14ft x 42in Prism Frame Pool Set

15ft x 42in Prism Frame Pool Set

15ft x 48in Prism Frame Pool Set

16ft x 9ft x 48in Prism Frame Oval Pool Set

16ft x 8ft x 42in Prism Frame Rectangular Pool Set

20ft x 10ft x 48in Prism Frame Oval Pool Set

18ft x 48in Prism Frame Pool Set

20ft x 52in Prism Frame Pool Set

Prism Frame Pools offer a slightly more upscale look on designs that range between the Metal Frame and Ultra XRT Frame pool designs. The layered liners are incredibly durable and are designed to help resist puncturing damage and stretching.

The liners are also a little more fashionable than the other offerings from Intex. The gray outer color of the liner helps catch enough light to keep the pool more comfortable without heating either the liner or the water inside too hot. The tile-like design on the inside of the liner looks like a solid inset pool rather than a liner.

This line of above ground pools is great for people who want to build permanent decking around their pools, or who want a slightly more durable design.

These Intex Prism frame pools also come in a wider range of shapes and sizes than other Intex lines, including a couple of attractive oval options. There are round and rectangular designs available as well, though circular pools still have the widest range of size options.

The Prism Frame line still uses the high-quality frame elements designed to snap together easily for home installation.

Intex Kiddie Pools

Sunset Glow Pool
66in x 18in

Gator Spray Pool

Mandarin Swim Center Family Pool

Mini Frame Pool
48in x 48in x 12in

Mushroom Baby Pool

Swim Center Shootin' Hoops Family Pool

Kiddie pools are one of the best solutions to the summer heat when you have toddlers and very young children you’re trying to take care of at home. Intex’s line kid pools gives you a lot of options for keeping your little one cool, introducing them to water, and helping them have fun, while also keeping your small child safer than in an adult pool.

They have a range of designs and sizes from small inflatable pools (also called wading pools) that are only a few feet wide and a few inches deep, to pools with inflatable toys and decorations, and even sprayers. Some of their pools are designed to hold water and don’t need a hose hookup, while others are designed to have constant water pressure from a hose.

Intex have a few kiddie pools with built-in shade structures to help prevent sunburns while keeping your kids safe. The biggest downside of these Intex kiddie pools is that very few of them are designed so that older kids or parents can join in on the fun. Only one of their pools is designed so that you can enjoy the pool along with your youngest kids.

It’s also worth noting that these pools largely aren’t designed to last as long as Intex’s full-size pools. The inflatable material is a lot thinner, and it can be harder to patch these pools compared with Intex’s other options. At the same time, the Intex kiddie pools tend to be cheaper and much easier to replace when needed. The lower price point and range of customization options both work to make these pools a good investment, even though they aren’t as durable.

Remember to always supervise your children at all times when using these pools and empty the water once play time is over. 

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