Intex 18ft x 52in Ultra Frame Above Ground
Pool Set: 2023 Review

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Intex 18ft x 52in Ultra XTR Steel Frame Round Above Ground Pool Set

18ft pool

"Perfect for big families and those who like to be active in their above ground pool" 

If you’re looking for a slightly larger above ground pool, the Intex 18ft x 52in Ultra Frame Pool Set is a good option. In this article we will review the Intex 18ft Round Above Ground Pool set, cover all the basics about this steel framed above ground pool and give you our analysis of its best market.

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Quality of Intex 18ft Ultra XTR Frame Pools

Quality should be your main concern when it comes to pools of all shapes and sizes. After all, low-quality above ground pools tend to break and that can be a flooding disaster.

Intex does a good job creating durable liners, and that’s one of the big advantages of going with 18ft pool. The pool liner is a higher quality, which means that the interlocking design with the pools steel frame is that much more durable and long-lasting.

We like that this18ft above ground pool has a durable frame and doesn’t move or dance without having to put out angles supports than increase the overall size of the pool. This pool fits in an 18ft area, which you can’t say about all pools of this size.

This pool is also designed to withstand water stress and weather damage, which helps this Intex Ultra frame pool last longer.

Intex 18ft Ultra Frame Pool Set Up

Set up is incredibly easy for an above ground pool of this size, partially because of the straightforward frame design. The size of this swimming pool is the main reason we suggest getting someone to help you with setup. 

The steel pool frame is easy to put together, but there is a lot of it, and it can be hard to keep the frame upright until you’ve put together several pieces that create a stable curve.

Once it’s set up though, this 18ft Intex pool will need minimal tweaks and adjustments.

Intex Pool Filtration

The pool filter on this 18 ft above ground pool is a little better than average, but you may still end up wanting an upgrade with time. It’s a sand filter, which is nice because sand filters do a good job and require less maintenance than cartridge filters. 

However, it will take a bit more than 3 hours to cycle all the water in this pool.

That isn’t bad for flow rate, but it might be challenging to move enough water to truly filter the whole pool at that rate.

Pool Maintenance

Maintenance for this Intex 18 foot round pool is pretty standard but should be scaled up to match the large size of the pool.

Chemical balancing, skimming, and vacuuming the bottom of the pool should all be a part of your regular pool maintenance routine.

While this frame and liner are both exceptionally durable, it’s still important to periodically walk the outside of the pool and check for signs of wear and tear, including stretching, leaks, and rust or corrosion of the frame.

Who Is This Pool Right For?

This is an above ground pool for big families, people who want to practice swimming and aquatic exercise at home, and people who like to host large gatherings and pool parties.

It’s not a great fit for families with a smaller yard, a lot of hills or uneven spaces in their yards, or who don’t want to perform weekly maintenance. 

If you are looking for a smaller above ground pool, be sure to click through and read our Best Above Ground Pool article for more pool reviews.

Pros & Cons of Intex 18ft Ultra XTR Frame Pool Set

Features We Love

  • Big enough to host large gatherings
  • Perfect for swimming and exercise
  • Easy setup
  • Durable frame and liner combination
  • Very stable once set up and filled


  • Set up can take longer because of the size
  • Difficult to set up and maintain on uneven ground
  • Needs prepped ground before setup.

Our Final Verdict

Overall this 18ft Intex pool is a good option if you’ve got the space and are looking for a pool you can be active in as much as a pool to relax in.

It’s a good fit for families with athletes, swimming lovers, or who just enjoy spending time outside together in the summer.

But the larger size means that this above ground pool set is more expensive, maintenance will take longer, and you need to prep the area more thoroughly before you purchase. 

This really is a swimming pool for people who are dedicated and want to enjoy swimming for years to come.

Range of 18ft Round Pools

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