How to Get Rid of Waterbugs In Pool? 100% Works

How to Get Rid of Waterbugs In Pool

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It’s a sight that may seem harmless until it gets to the point where you need to know how to get rid of waterbugs in a pool, then you know you have a problem.

Two of the most common are water boatmen and backswimmers and although they are not harmful to humans, the backswimmers can give a nasty bite so you will want to remove them.

Here’s how.

How HARD Is It to Get Rid of Waterbugs in a Pool?

Getting rid of swimming bugs in a pool is simple because you only need to eliminate their food supply. For water boatmen it is algae, and backswimmers feed on other water bugs (including water boatmen).

This can mean shocking the pool or just staying on top of the chemical levels, as without algae, the
waterboatman in your pool will disappear.

Why Do You Have Swimming Bugs In Your Pool?

The main reason is that you have algae in your pool, and that is their food source.

Not just this, there might be plant matter and mosquito larvae for them to eat, and when they lay their eggs, they do it in algae, even if it is not visible yet.

Not only can swimming bugs fly, but they can crawl, so migrating isn’t out of the question. They will search for any water with algae as it is a food source and a place to lay eggs so not taking proper care of your swimming pool will be the main reason you have swimming bugs in your pool.

Use Swimming Pool Leaf Skimmer

With a commercial-grade strength and 16 inches wide, this is an excellent way of removing water bugs from a pool. Not only will it scoop bugs in the fine mesh net, but the algae they need to thrive.

Its specially treated lightweight aluminum frame makes it comfortable to use and it will remove a good amount of surface debris in every scoop. It comes with a universal fitment to attach it to standard 1/1 ¼ inch telescopic poles.

Easy to assemble and fine for extended use, use a pool leaf skimmer before moving onto the next stage…

Clean Your Pool

Because algae collect on the walls of the pool, you are also going to need to give them a thorough clean if you want to remove swimming bugs from your pool.

This powerful cleaner comes with all the relevant attachments to make it a useful tool and attaches to your pool’s filtration system to remove the algae properly.

The hoses are long enough to reach the bottom of the pool to leave it looking its best and it should move around the pool at a rate of 8 to 12 feet per minute.

Check Alkalinity and PH in your pool?

Algae only thrive when the pool chemistry is out of balance. So to make sure that yours is as it should be, use a kit like this one if you want to know how to get rid of waterbugs in a pool.

It includes everything needed to test for pH, free chlorine, total chlorine, total bromine, and total alkalinity and is color-coded to ensure you get the right result.

The pH and alkalinity should be between 7.4 and 7.6, and between 100 – 150 ppm (parts per million), and use chlorine shock after should the pool need it.

Using Chemicals If Needed

Algae thrive where the chemical levels are not right, so you may need an alkalinity increase to get rid of it so waterbugs stop coming back.

A quality product like this one will do the trick to bring alkalinity up to the optimal 7.4-7.6. It protects the water, makes it safe for swimming, and creates an environment that waterbugs will not want to go near.

Use Acid Blue Muriatic Acid to reduce the pH levels if necessary as it helps to control levels in your swimming pool.

How to Prevent Water Bugs in the Pool?

The best way to prevent water bugs in a pool is to stay on top of the maintenance.

Be sure to clean your pool twice a week, and check the chemical levels at least once. This will reduce the likelihood that you get these tiny pests returning.

This product is great for removing debris and is cord-free, and can clean a pool in around 50 minutes each time.

This is a great method for removing water boatmen in a pool and does so without the risk of cords tangling as it cleans whilst you relax.

Different Types of Swimming Bugs in the Pool?

The two types are water boatmen and backswimmers.

The water boatmen feed on algae and the backswimmers feed on water boatmen so you can see how eliminating algae breaks the cycle of waterbugs showing up in your pool.

How Do Swimming Bugs Survive in a Pool?

Waterboatmen feed on algae and lay their eggs in it. So, remove this and you remove the problem.

Final Words

Waterbugs are a problem you want to remove fast, and thankfully it is easy.

Just be sure to stay on top of your pool maintenance and buy quality equipment and chemicals and you’ll notice that they won’t come back.

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