How you can create a private sanctuary around your above ground pool

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Most people would dream of having an infinity pool overlooking the beach or a mountain range in the distance.

Reality is, that for the majority of people reading this, the view is closer to this: suburban homes with neighbors peeking through the fence.

When deciding to invest in an above ground pool, an important factor to consider is privacy. How do you create your own little private sanctuary in your back yard?

With thoughtfully designed pool landscaping.

above ground pool landscaping for privacy

Landscaping techniques to add privacy to your above ground pool

Specific landscaping techniques around your pool area are often used by professional landscapers because they effectively provide privacy around the pool surroundings.

Aside from the privacy that they provide, these landscaping techniques are aesthetically pleasing by bringing a touch of nature to your surroundings. 

In this article we have listed these techniques to help you decide which pool privacy screen best suits your environment together, we have also added information about the required maintenance to keep your pool and surroundings looking beautiful all year round.

Privacy screen made from bamboo plants

Bamboo plants are a unique and appealing landscaping solution for your yard. Remember that there are two kinds of bamboo plants. The invasive and non-invasive type. The non-invasive bamboo, also called “clumping bamboo” are the ones commonly used for privacy fences. They are easily maintained and can be sculpted into your desired shape and height. An appealing feature of a bamboo privacy screen around your above ground pool is that they only require at 1 inch of water per week on average, either from manual watering or from rainfall.

You can buy a starter bamboo plant and wait for them to grow for about 3 to 5 years. Or you can also buy grown bamboo plants which can be up to 20 or 30 feet tall. Depending on your landscaping area and your budget, you can choose between Seabreeze bamboo, Blue Chungii, Gracillis Graceful Bamboo, or Oldhamii.

Mixed screen plants to add privacy to your above ground pool

Evergreen hedges and a variety of beautiful budding seasonal flowers is an alternative privacy screen for your landscape. Evergreen hedges can be used to compliment the seasonal flowering plants by adding more structure and substance to the privacy screen.

Maintenance of mixed screen plants can depend on the type of plants that you have. In this landscaping technique, it is recommended that you have two or three types of plants to create your mixed screen plants for easier maintenance.

Flowering plants have different maintenance requirements than hedges. Generally, flowering plants requireit more frequent watering or a consistent source of irrigation especially when they are newly planted. Once established, the flowering plants will need at least 1 inch of water weekly to survive. Once in a while, weeding and trimming are necessary to maintain their neat and tidy appearance.

Privacy screen made from evergreen hedges

Evergreen hedges are a popular and reliable choice that offers privacy, shade, and quiet for your pool surroundings. There are plenty of fast-growing hedges available. Depending on your climate, the landscaping area, and your budget, you can find one that is best for your needs.

5 most common evergreen hedges in landscaping:

  1. American Arborvitae
  2. Green Giant
  3. English laurel or Cherry laurel
  4. Flame Amur Maple
  5. Virescens Western Red Cedar

Maintaining the hedges’ healthy appearance and helping them grow denser may differ between the species of hedge. In general, the maintenance requirements for healthy and long-lasting hedges are the following:

  • Hand-prune before trimming to allow sunlight to enter the insides of the hedge and encourage growth
  • Keep the hedges wider at their base to allow sunlight on the lower branches
  • Shear from the bottom and work your way up to the top of the hedge
  • Prune in the wintertime to reduce energy expenditure. Avoid pruning the buds otherwise, they may grow slower and would need more time to grow new buds
  • Allow about 3 feet of diameter to give enough room for the hedges to grow
  • During the first dry period after planting, water every two to three days for about 1 to 2 hours to promote deep roots
  • Water them during the morning or in the evening

Vertical gardens that provide a privacy screen

Vertical gardens are another popular way to add privacy and beauty to your above ground pool surrounds. In this landscaping technique, flowering plants are arranged vertically to a lattice screen to create a visually appealing wall garden. Properly maintaining vertical gardens to keep them healthy and void of diseases require the following:

  • Daily watering during the summer season
  • Fertilize following the manufacturer’s guide
  • Remove growing weeds
  • Prune and trim to promote growth
  • Use clean weeding or pruning tools to cross contamination and avoid the spread of disease
  • Check plants for any signs of disease or pests and treat immediately

These landscaping techniques are a worthy investment to create privacy around your above ground pool. When properly maintained, they last longer and will not only look beautiful but they’re also give you a greater sense of privacy, this allows you and your family to enjoy your new above ground pool to its fullest in suburbia!

natural privacy screens for your above ground pool

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