Hot Tub or Pool: What Should You Choose?

Hot Tub or Pool: What Should You Choose?

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It’s an exciting time when you are faced with a tricky decision – should you buy a hot tub or pool?

Both have their plus points, and to enjoy the benefits, there are plenty of factors to consider such as space, and environment.

Read on to find out more so you can make an informed decision.

Which Is Better: A Hot Tub or an Above Ground Pool?

A hot tub is often the ideal place to relax after a long day at work as you allow the bubbles to work their magic, and can be used all year round.

On the other hand, a pool is great for exercise, and for cooling off in the warmer months.

If your backyard space is limited, a hot tub might be preferable, as an above-ground pool is going to take up more room.

So to keep it short:

  • a hot tub is great for wellbeing and hydrotherapy
  • an above-ground pool is better for leisure activities and fun.

Which Takes More ELECTRICITY Heating Hot Tub or Pool?

It is estimated that hot tubs can cost around $20 a month in electricity, whereas an above-ground pool will set you back around double in electricity depending on how you heat it.

An in-ground pool using a heat pump costs around $120 – $200 a month making a hot tub a preferable choice when it comes to the bills.

Hot Tub or Pool after WORKOUT?

It depends on the season, but using the powerful jets of a hot tub can feel great after a workout if you wait long enough. The muscles are inflamed and dehydrated, so jumping straight in can cause further dehydration.

A pool is great if the water is nice and cool. When your muscles have been working hard, cold water can ease inflammation to aid recovery. Swimming in a pool after a workout can leave you feeling rejuvenated.

If you are wondering whether to jump in a hot tub or pool after the workout, go with the pool if possible.

Above Ground Swimming Pool or Hot Tub INSURANCE?

The insurance for either is important as damage from either can impact your home. Insurance for a hot tub will likely be more because they generally cost more, and have expensive parts to cover.

It is important to check what is covered by your home insurance policy, as an inflatable pool or hot tub may be covered and there would be no need to get insurance.

Water damage from your pool or hot tub is going to be covered by your home insurance, but to ensure the parts, it is best to get an individual policy.

Pool vs Hot tub: Pros & Cons

Maintenance on this 16 ft x 42in pool is relatively basic.

You’ll need to occasionally change out the filter cartridges and filter media, as well as checking the chemical balance at least once a week. 

You’ll also occasionally need to vacuum the bottom of the liner as well as refilling the water. 

Pros & Cons of Hot Tub


  • Less maintenance – Cleaning a pool takes a lot more effort
  • Can be used in winter – You can get more use out of a hot tub
  • Relaxation – Enjoy a relaxing soak with those jets after a long day.
  • Hydrotherapy – Hot water improves circulation and soothes muscles
  • Size – They don’t take up as much room


  • Not As Good For Exercise – You can’t manage a workout in a hot tub!

Pros & Cons of Pool


  • Great For Exercise – Being able to get some cardio in at home is great
  • Cool Water In Summer – Splashing about in the pool on a hot day is hard to beat
  • Kid-Friendly – The entire family can enjoy a pool


  • Size – They take up a lot of room
  • Weather Dependent – Not as easy to use in winter
  • Cost – Maintenance costs a lot more

3 Best Above Ground Swimming Pools

1. Bestway Steel Pro MAX Above Ground Swimming Pool

Ideal for swimming and splashing. The A 3-ply PVC support band supports the pool in this easy to assemble option complete with all the accessories needed to enjoy summer.

2. Intex pool

Perfect for the kids to practice their backstroke, this above-ground pool is sturdy, and measures 18x78x29.5 inches, holding 800 gallons of water for some fun in the sun.

3. Power Steel Frame Pool Set

With rust-resistant frames, this above-ground pool won’t take over the backyard but has plenty of room to cool down. It includes everything you need to get started with pool ownership including a 1000gal Filter Pump, Ground Cloth, Ladder, and Pool Cover.

3 Best Hot Tubs

1. Coleman Inflatable Outdoor Square Hot Tub

With room for up to 4 people, this is a stylish hot tub that fits conveniently in your outdoor space and uses 114 jets once it quickly gets to a soothing 104 degrees.

2. Bestway Hot Tub

This inflatable hot tub deflates easily and has carry handles to make it easy to move. A digital control panel ensures you can adjust the settings without having to step out of the spa.

3. Essential Hot Tubs

A simple and sturdy design, this hot tub uses 14 stainless steel jets to power a therapeutic massage and has seats for up to 4 people.


When considering a hot tub or pool, your decision should be based on your personal needs. There are benefits to both and anyone would greatly enjoy either.

For a family, a pool can be better, but for a romantic night under the stars or a relaxation after a long day at the office, a hot tub is ideal.

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