Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42in Power Steel Above Ground Set Review 2023

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Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42in Power Steel Oval Above Ground Pool

16 foot oval pool

"Good option as an exercise pool, and as a pool for families that want to save a little extra space in their yard." 

If you’re looking for a pool that’s more durable than a standard rectangular pool, but still works well for exercise, the Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42 Power Steel Above Ground Set’s oval design is a perfect choice.

Bestways oval above ground pool is a little larger than average, but with a smaller on the ground footprint than a circular pool. That combination means that it’s a good option as an exercise pool, and as a pool for families that want to save a little extra space in their yard.

The pool design is incredibly durable, easy to set up and use, and comes with one of the better ladders is the business.

But is this the right pool for you?

Keep reading to learn more about this pool and who it’s best designed for.

Features of Bestway Power Steel 16ft Pool

Pool Size 

This above ground pool is 16ft long in its longest dimension, and the oval sides are 10 feet wide. That’s wide enough and long enough to comfortably swim laps, and also big enough to make swimming and lounging equally enjoyable.

The oval shape is also slightly better than a rectangle for families who are looking to host social pool parties because it gives a better arrangement for lounging and chatting in the pool.

At 42 inches deep, this pool is deep enough to make swimming comfortable, but it’s not deep enough for jumping or diving.

Quality of Bestway Pools

The Bestway 16ft x 10in Power Steel Above Ground Pool Set is a better design than most and uses high-quality durable materials. That combination means that you’re getting a better-quality product than most, making it more durable and effective in the long term.

The innovative steel frame design is much sturdier than most, helping to prevent the pool from moving on the ground, even with a lot of people moving and swimming at the same time.

The dual-layered PVC liner isn’t quite the strongest in the business, but it’s still more than enough to hold the water and last for years of use.

16ft Above Ground Pool Set Up

 Setting up this pool should only take a few hours of active work. You should prep the ground underneath the pool with a soft sand or other pool surface to help the pool last longer.

Setting up the ladder and filter system is also simple, and shouldn’t take very long after the pool is full.

Plan on at least half a day, and possibly significantly more, if you’re filling the pool with a garden hose. You can also purchase the pool water if you want to fill it faster.

Pool Filtration

The pool filter that comes as part of Bestways Above Ground Pool Set moves plenty of water for the size of this pool. However, if you’re using the pool regularly (like for morning exercise) you may want a more powerful pool filter.

Pool Maintenance

Maintenance on this 16 ft x 42in pool is relatively basic. You’ll need to occasionally change out the filter cartridges and filter media, as well as checking the chemical balance at least once a week. 

You’ll also occasionally need to vacuum the bottom of the liner as well as refilling the water. 

Pros & Cons of Bestway 16ft x 10ft x 42in
Power Steel Pool Set

Features We Love

  • Great for exercise
  • Doesn’t move or dance on the frame
  • Great filter and ladder accessories
  • Seal and lock pip system reduces frame wear and tear


  • Liner is more prone to leaks than triple layer PVC

If you are looking for a good above ground pool for exercise and relaxing, this 16ft oval pool is a great option. The more durable frame design means that Bestway’s 16ft above ground pool is a better option for building a deck around it, since it’s unlikely to move when swimmers are in the pool. 

You also get a well-fitted cover as part of this above ground pool set that makes it easier to get this pool ready for winter. Overall, this is a good pool option for almost anyone with a big enough yard, unless of course, you want a larger above ground pool

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