Summer Waves Elite 14ft x 48in Above Ground Pool Set – 2023 Review

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Summer Waves 14ft x 48in Round Above Ground Swimming Pool

14 foot round pool

 "Great option for families with a medium to large yard and plenty of room for added accessories." 

If you’re looking for a good round above ground pool that’s easy to install the Summer Waves Elite 14ft by 48in Set is one of the better options out there. Small enough to work well for suburban backyards, this pool is still a good option for adults and anyone who wants to get a little more swimming this summer.

The round design also gives you a lot more stability for an above ground pool. Since this is an above ground pool, installation is also a lot cheaper than in-ground alternatives. After all, you just have to prep the surface of your yard, no excavation is required.

Of course, no pool is perfect for everyone, so let’s take a closer look at the features and benefits of this Summer Waves 14ft above ground pool set. We’ll also look at who the best pool customers will be so that you can decide whether this pool fits your family’s summer lifestyle.

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Features of Summer Waves Elite 14ft Pool

Real quick before we get into the other features and benefits of this pool, we did want to mention that the pool frame and liner also come with a ladder to make it easier to get in and out of the pool.

That’s an important accessory since you probably won’t use your pool without a ladder. Since the whole set includes the ladder you won’t have to spend as much to buy it.

Pool Size 

The 14 ft diameter on this Summer Waves Elite Above Ground Pool means that it’s fairly large and certainly large enough to use as an exercise pool. You may want to swim around the curve instead of straight through the middle, but you’ll be able to get a reasonable workout from either method.

The pool is 48 inches deep when it’s completely full. That’s a little shallower than the deep end at your local community pool, but still deep enough that adults can comfortably relax in the water.

Summer Waves Pool Quality

Quality-wise this pool is a great option. The frame is made from durable galvanized steel. The oval shape of the frame pieces also makes them longer lasting and less likely to need replacement during the lifetime of the pool.

The above ground pool liner is made from a high-quality triple layered PVC. That means it’s much less likely to stretch or leak than thinner pool liner designs.

Overall, with the ladder included, you’re getting high-quality materials for a relatively large but affordable pool.

Setting Up a 14ft Round Pool

Set up is one of the big advantages of an above ground pool. This 14ft x 48in pool can be ready to go in as little as an hour of active work, assuming you’ve already prepped the land underneath and are ready to fill the pool.

The only difficult part is filling the pool if you’re using a garden hose instead of purchasing your pool water. It can take several hours, up to a couple of days, to completely fill the pool depending on your home’s water pressure.

Pool Filtration

The filter and skimmer dual system is included with this pool. Though, like most pool sets you may want to get a supplementary filter or upgrade the filter to a more powerful version. It’s more important to upgrade your filter system if you and your family use the pool more than a couple of times a week through the summer.

Maintaining this Summer Waves Pools

Because of the high-quality frame and PVC liner, this pool doesn’t have a lot of maintenance requirements. You’ll still need to vacuum the bottom of the pool and help the skimmer with larger floating debris, but that’s true of any pool set.

You’ll also need to make sure you’re checking the chemical balance of this pool at least once a week while you’re actively using the pool.

Pros & Cons of of the Summer Waves Elite 14ft x 48in Above Ground Pool Set

Features We Love

  • Deep enough for adults and children
  • Durable frame and liner design
  • Easy setup
  • Round pools usually last longer
  • Included a fitted cover, ladder and maintenance kit


  • Not as well designed for exercise as rectangular pools
  • May need to upgrade the filter system

Final Verdict

Overall, the Summer Waves Elite 14ft x 48in pool set is a great option for families with a medium to large yard and plenty of room for added accessories. This pool is durable enough to stand on its own, or you can easily build a pool deck around the frame for easier access.

The included ladder and maintenance kit also help reduce your upfront costs, making the pool more affordable overall.

We’d recommend this pool to families with a medium to large yard and who want to swim at least 1-2x per week at least. It’s also a good option for families with kids 5 and older, though it might not be as safe for younger children, especially if they haven’t started swim lessons.

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