MCombo 15′ Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool

MCombo 15ft Round Inflatable Above Ground Pool Review

MCombo Pools appears to be no longer available.

A great alternative to an inflatable MCombo pool is the Intex 15ft Round Inflable Pool, click here to read our review on the Intex pool. 

Mcombo 15 ft round above ground pool

We will focus on the MCombo 15′ Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool and give you information on the features and review some other aspects of this inflatable swimming pool. The review information listed here is designed to assist you in making a informative buying decision.

If you would like to skip the full review of the MCombo 15′ Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool and want to go and purchase this above ground pool straight away, then by all means click the link below to go to and make your purchase.

MCombo 15′ Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool Features:

  • This round above ground swimming pool features a PVC and polyester 3-ply side wall construction for high strength and durability.
  • By this swimming pool being inflatable and not constructed with traditional metal frame and steel material makes it less expensive to own and operate
  • Included in the purchase price is a 530 gallon per hour filter pump that helps to keep the water clean and sparkling
  • An “A” type rust resistant ladder for getting in and out of the pool is also part of the purchase as well as a skimmer basket for removing debris keeping the pool clean
  • New suction outlet fittings improve water circulation for better water hygiene and clarity
  • According to Mcombo no tools are needed to set up however assembly is required
  • This round shaped swimming pool is 15 ft wall to wall in diameter which provides plenty of space for relaxing in the backyard pool
  • A ground cover is included to protect your yard and a cover to place on top when the swimming pool is not in use helps keep out bugs and other debris

MCombo 15′ Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool Review

This review will be based entirely on the information provided by the manufacturer since as of this writing there are no customer reviews on this particular above ground swimming pool. According to Mcombo which is a very reputable manufacturer the Mcombo 15′ round inflatable above ground swimming pool is a smart choice for families.MCombo 15' Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool

This Mcombo pool requires minimal-tool assembly that makes it easy to setup in your backyard. The set includes a ground cloth to protect lawn and pool; a pool cover to keep debris out in idle season; a ladder for easy entry and exit; and a full functioning surface skimmer/filtration system keeps pool free from leaves and bugs. The set comes with all accessories and equipment needed.

The reason for the lack of customer reviews is unclear as it may be the product is too new or no one who has purchased this above ground pool has written a review.

If you decide to buy this swimming pool, please leave a customer review for others who may be interested in purchasing this model of Mcombo above ground pool. Mcombo does offer other size swimming pools such as the MCombo 18′ x 9′ x 52″ Above Ground Family Swimming Pool Steel Frame Fast Set Pool w/Filter Pump Ladder 6600-1809.

I guess you can consider this as a negative fact that this is an inflatable swimming pool that does not come with a pump to inflate the pool. It means if you do not have an air compressor or inflatable pump, you will need to purchase one or do a lot of blowing.

MCombo 15′ Round Inflatable Above Ground Swimming Pool Verdict

Since only 0ne in ten people actually will write a review unless it is negative I would conclude that there is not enough information to make a proper conclusion on this swimming pool. This is not a negative response, it’s just I would not be honest with a recommendation for or against this Mcombo above ground pool unless I actually purchase one then make my recommendation.

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